As a Naturopath and alternative health care provider of Healthy Life Pathways, it's imperative to me that you as my client achieve the health results you are wanting to achieve.  It takes patience, dedication and understanding to improve and reach your health goals.  

It does not matter if you have come to me for Weight Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, MTHFR, Pyrroles, Arthritis, Parkinson's, ADD/ADHD, Gout, Diabetes or any other condition.


 It's important to remember that this is a partnership, we both have an important role to play.  All of my lovely clients who have achieved their goals have realised this and have put in the hard work to make changes to their Diet & Lifestyle etc and have been rewarded with the ultimate prize of better health.  


I'd like to thank all my lovely clients who have taken the time to leave a testimonial, it is greatly appreciated and I know how time consuming it is. I'm sure this will be reassuring to any prospective client wanting to embark on their journey to better health. Full names or photo's are optional and they have not always been supplied for privacy protection. 

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