Parkinson's Is there anything that can be done t

Well, 12 months ago my sister in law Chris was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and she recently came to Australia to visit family. As a Naturopath and alternative health care practitioner I’m always looking into what causes various health conditions, and is there anything that can be done to help slow it down and what nutritional deficiencies could be involved. Parkinson’s is a progressive neurodegenerative condition which affects the neurons that produce dopamine and therefor it results a loss brain cells which produce dopamine.

Why is dopamine so important ? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, neurotransmitters are needed to send signals from one nerve cell to another. Dopamine is released by the brain and has many functions in the body. It is needed for movement, motor control, learning, mood, sleep, memory, it is also a messenger, it affects our attention, our cognition, our behaviour as well as enabling us to experience pleasurable rewards. It also affects our bowel function, our insulin and blood pressure. So as you can see, it affects many areas of the body.