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The Vital Roles of Saturated Fat

May 8, 2015



Saturated fat is the preferred fuel for the heart.  In fact fat is the preferred fuel for the human metabolism



The brain cells should consist of 50% saturated fatty acids, which is the main type of fat in brain cells.



Saturated fats help protect our liver from alcohol, drugs and poisons. Cholesterol is also needed in the manufacture of Bile to aid in digestion and to be able to uptake the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.




Our lungs contain a thin layer of Surfactant reduces the surface tension of fluid in the lungs and is what enable our lungs to function correctly.  Surfactant is made up of 90% Saturated fats  and 10% protein.  It plays a protective role against Asthma, Allergies, Infection and Inflammation. Our Lungs would simply not function correctly without saturated fats.



The brain mainly consists of cholesterol and saturated fats.  All neves in the brain and thought the body has a saturated fat coating over them called the Myelin Sheath which ensures that the signal travelling down the nerve does not stray, if this Myelin Sheath breaks down you end up with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).



Enhanced by saturated fats - which helps fight infections.  As Myristic acid and Lauric Acid found in Saturated Fats in Coconut oil and butter play a crucial role in the health of the immune system.  White blood cells  need a sufficient amount of saturated fatty acids to enable them to recognise and destroy foreign invaders such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.  



Are unable to function without saturated fats.



Saturated fats help the body to direct calcium into the bones and is needed for strong healthy bones.


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